Firmoo Review: Everything You Need To Know
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Firmoo Review: Everything You Need To Know

Firmoo is an e-commerce platform that provides a variety of eyewear and accessories, including prescription and non-prescription lenses. Lenses can be coated for free to make them scratch-resistant, and there's a virtual try-on feature.

Customers can select from various frames, and the company provides options for altering the lenses' color, clarity, and polarization to suit their needs.

Products and services offered by Firmoo are explored in greater depth throughout this article.

Products And Services

Frames can be selected from a variety of proprietary designs created by Firmoo. The company's prescription lenses are adaptable to many situations and provide many optional extras.


Women's, men's, and children's eyewear and unisex and gender-specific sunglasses are all available.


There are various color choices for each frame. Both prescription and non-prescription lenses can be ordered separately for the frames.


Firmoo sells glasses with and without prescriptions. Tints, polarization, light transition, blue light-blocking filters, and scratch-resistant coatings are just some of the lens customization options available to consumers today.


The company provides solutions for a wide range of vision problems, from nearsightedness to farsightedness to the need for reading glasses. Both single-vision and progressive lenses are available for purchase. A valid prescription must be uploaded to the site to purchase prescription lenses.

Accessories And Other Services

When shopping on Firmoo, you can purchase various glasses cases, cleaning cloths, and chains to complement your purchase.

They also have a virtual try-on service to see if the frames look good on you before you buy them. This tool allows users to virtually try on up to four frames at once and get a full 180-degree view of how they'll look with their chosen glasses.

Is Firmoo Legit?

Is Firmoo trustworthy, or are you just trying to trick us?

Based on the many glowing testimonials, it's safe to say that Firmoo is a legitimate service that you should use. Try them out, given their product offerings' breadth and high quality. Then, Firmoo may be for you if you're looking to spruce up your appearance.

Firmoo Products

Firmoo Products are one-of-a-kind and are always on the cutting edge of fashion. Various variations are available depending on color, design, form, and size.

Lenses can also be purchased with or without a prescription. There are numerous options for glasses, including bifocals, progressives, single-vision, and more.

Clip-on and neck glasses are just two of the more unique styles at Firmoo. It's great that now you can get prescription or non-prescription sunglasses from any store.

How Much Does Firmoo Cost?

Let's be clear: Frames alone are a steal if that's all you're interested in. Some children's eyewear costs as little as $10, while others can cost as much as $44.

Costs can go up by $100 if you need prescription lenses for your new eyewear. Sunglasses, meanwhile, can be purchased for anywhere between $10 and $40.

Firmoo Shipping Policy

Firmoo offers standard and express shipping options and can deliver to virtually any country. The United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom are just some places that can receive standard shipping.

Standard delivery times range from 8 to 22 business days when shipping internationally to these countries. Express shipping to other countries typically costs between $5 and $24.

Firmoo Return Policy

Firmoo's return policy stated that customers had 30 days to send back any item. You may cancel your order and receive a full refund within this time frame. You'll need to access your Firmoo account to complete the steps they provide.

It is standard practice to send a confirmation email within 48 hours of processing a refund request. Returns and exchanges are both available to you.

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