Comfortable & Stylish Custom Eyeglass Frames

Comfortable & Stylish Custom Eyeglass Frames

The newest trend in eyewear is custom eyeglasses, which give customers the opportunity to personalise their eyewear in a way that is distinctive to them. You have the option of adding personalised engraving to your frames when you purchase eyewear from Pair Eyewear, in addition to receiving trendy eyewear at prices that are affordable.

Continue reading for four reasons why we believe that customised eyeglasses are the best thing since sliced bread and explain why we came to this conclusion.

1. Exhibit School Spirit

School spirit never goes out of style. Engrave the name of your school or alma mater on the side of your frames to show your support. In addition to graduation date, school mascot, and fraternity/sorority there are a number of other fun options available at Pair Eyewear.


2. Label Kids Frames

Engraving a name or initials on the temples of your child's glasses is a great way to ensure they don't lose them. If they are accidentally left at a playground or a playdate, this will help their parents find them more quickly. Our unique artistic representations also serve to pique their interest in actually donning their eyewear on a daily basis.


3. Get Behind Your Team

Do you consider yourself a coach, a player, a parent, or a die-hard sports fan? Frames can be personalised to show support for the team. Have your eyewear engraved with the team's moniker, chant, or slogan for a fraction of the price of licenced team gear. It's even possible to match their team's colour scheme. The next tailgate will be a smashing success thanks to your frames.


4. Make A Special Keepsake For The Wedding

You can find the perfect pair of glasses to complement your wedding dress or suit from Pair Eyewear's extensive catalogue of vibrant and on-trend eyewear. To add a personal touch to your wedding day, have your frames engraved with your initials, the wedding date, or the hashtag you've been planning to use for months. Sunglasses with a personalised engraving are a cool present idea for the bridal party.


Three Guidelines for Selecting Custom Glasses

For some individuals, selecting eyeglasses is a challenging task. It can be difficult to find styles that complement their appearance and lifestyle. The following tips will assist patients in selecting eyeglasses that complement their personality and facial features:

1. Ask A Professional For Help

Opticians with licences have been trained to help customers choose eyeglasses. A person's eye doctor will suggest frames that match the person's face shape and style. They will also suggest various frame styles to ensure the person gets the best fit for their eyes.

Most eyeglass stores have an optometrist on staff. A professional will also make sure that the lenses needed fit the frame chosen. For example, some frames are better at hiding the thickness of the lenses' edges for people with a higher prescription. Keep in mind that the size of the structure as a whole may change how the lenses look.

2. Examine The Glasses' Frames

Patients should try on a variety of frames to determine which styles they prefer. Glasses cases can be found in a wide range of hues and designs. 

You can narrow down your search for the perfect pair of eyeglasses by considering one of the seven basic facial shapes: oval, round, heart, oblong, diamond, square, or a base-down triangle. The optometrist will be able to tell the patient's face shape simply by looking at them. They'll take into account your nose bridge, ear position, and cheekbones to find the best possible frame width for your eyes.

3. Look Into Your Lens Options

The lens material is just one of many options for the patient. Some people prefer lightweight polycarbonate lenses despite the fact that they cost more than standard glass or plastic lenses. The optometrist may recommend a thin, lightweight lens if your prescription is particularly strong. Lens options include those with anti-reflective coatings, scratch-resistant coatings, and UV tints.

Patients shouldn't settle for less-than-ideal lens options to save money. The glasses will be worn on a daily basis, so it's essential to get a pair that fits perfectly for both aesthetic and practical reasons.

Last Words

If you follow the advice given above, you should be able to find the perfect pair of eyeglasses to fit your face and experience an improvement in your vision.

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