10 Cute Must Have Summer Wardrobe Essentials

10 Cute Must Have Summer Wardrobe Essentials

As the weather gets warmer, it's time to put on some cute summer clothes. We'll help you make a list of summer essentials so you can stay on a budget and still look relaxed and comfortable. We like to keep our summer clothes simple, comfortable, and casual so that we can use them to build a summer capsule wardrobe. You can also wear these summer must-haves in other seasons, giving you many cute outfit ideas.

We've put together this list of summer outfits to help you build your summer closet:

10 Must Have Summer Wardrobe Essentials

1. Neutral Sandals

Neutral sandals, usually beige or tan, are the perfect shoes to add to your summer collection. A flat or low-heeled sandal is comfortable with a casual summer outfit and works well with casual fall or spring outfits. A simple sandal made of neutral leather can be worn every day and dressed up with a summer dress or mini skirt. The neutral color will go with many cute outfits and is a must-have for any capsule wardrobe.

2. Maxi Dress

Dressing up in a casual summer outfit is easy with a white or multicolored maxi dress. Long summer dresses make it easy to look boho or beachy, but you can also dress them up to look chic for a wedding. One more good thing about maxi dresses is that they are light and airy, which makes them perfect for the summer heat or a vacation.

3. Straw Hat

Straw fedoras and Panama hats are classic summer accessories. The neutral colors make it easy to pair with any outfit, and they can protect you from the sun and hide day-three hair. Straw hats also have the benefit of being easy to pack and suitable for vacations. The perfect summer wear!

4. Cover up/Wraps

We love adding pieces to our summer wardrobe that can do more than one thing. Wraps are like cardigans for the summer. Plus, it can be the perfect jacket to go with a crop top and shorts, or you can wear it over your swimsuit at a pool party as a cover-up. Traditional summer shawls are often light and airy, but we also love boho-style white lace shawls.

5. High Waist Jean Shorts

Denim jean shorts are the perfect summer clothing. Whether you like mom jeans with a high waist or jean shorts that are more worn and ripped, you have a lot of choices. We think denim shorts are American and go well with a summer wardrobe. For a cool summer outfit, pair denim with neutral sandals and a white button-up shirt, or mix and match your style with a simple tank top and flats. Want authentic summer style? Try a pair of plain white denim shorts with a denim jacket to keep the whole look light, bright, and perfect for summer.

6. A White Shirt

The timeless, all-white button-down shirt blouse is a necessary piece of any and every wardrobe. The white blouse is an absolute necessity and can wear as part of an outfit that is business casual for the workplace or as part of an outfit that is casual and relaxed for a day spent running errands.

7. White Sneakers

A classic pair of white sneakers is a must-have in a capsule wardrobe, just like a white t-shirt. Even though white shoes feel like spring and summer, they can be worn in any season and will be a classic addition to your closet. White shoes without design or embellishment are the most versatile in your collection.

8. Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry has always been popular, but it's making a comeback. We like simple, minimalist, and small gold chains and pendants, but if you want to make a more significant statement. If you don't know where to start, you can get the look you want by layering necklaces of different lengths and thicknesses.

9. Basket Bag

A basket bag is made of straw, bamboo, or rattan, making any outfit look like it belongs in the summer. Even though this may seem like a seasonal addition to your closet, you can wear these bags with a wide range of styles and looks. Add to that their neutral color, and you have an easy way to add a pop of joy to your wardrobe.

10. Comfortable Jeans

Like denim shorts, jeans are a style that has been around for a long time. Whether you want to make a capsule collection or add to your summer clothes, a comfortable pair of loose-fitting denim jeans will be something you keep in your closet for a long time. We suggest you avoid overly distressed denim and other trendy clothes and choose a good pair of denim to add to your wardrobe.

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