Best Jeans Style to Compliment Your Body Type


Finding the perfect pair of jeans can feel like a never-ending mission like we're always playing a game of going in and out of changing rooms trying to find the right ones. Denim is definitely the hardest thing to shop for, so trust us when we say we feel your pain.

When you find the right pair of high-quality denim jeans, they will last you a lifetime, fit like a second skin, and make you feel so confident that all the hard times were worth it. Since there are so many different fits, the first step is to figure out which style of jeans "fits" your body the best.

Clearly, confidence comes from within, and we should all feel free to wear whatever we want. But our guide to the best jeans for your body type will point you in the right direction and tell you which styles will fit you best.

Best Jeans According to Body Types

Skinny Jeans for Petite Body Type:

It can be hard to find jeans that fit well on a petite body type. If a brand doesn't have petite sizes, the best way to find jeans that won't be too big is to look for styles that come up to your ankles or are cropped. Style-wise, skinny jeans, especially those with a high waist, will make your legs look longer.

Skinny jeans make you look taller because they make you look slimmer and narrower. They are also easy to roll up if your legs are a little too long. It's always a good idea to wear skinny jeans if you're petite.

Straight Leg Jeans for Hourglass Body Type:

If you have an hourglass shape, look for clothes that fit close to your curves to show it off. High-waist jeans will give you an hourglass shape and draw attention to your waist. They are also likely to fit both your smaller waist and your curvier hips.

Straight-leg or "mom" jeans look great on hourglass figures because they are smooth around the hips and have a stylish cut that can be dressed up or down.

Paper Bag Jeans for Triangle Body Type:

If you have a slimmer top half and wider hips, like a triangle, look for a style that pulls in at the waist. Make sure you have a good belt because you want your jeans to show off your waist and make a smooth curve from your hips to your shoulders. Slim-leg or boyfriend-style jeans with a tighter-fitting top or a cami tucked in will show off your shape and make your waist look smaller.

Wide Leg Jeans for Tall Body Type:

High-waisted wide-leg jeans are a great choice if you want to draw attention to your legs or shorten a long torso. Wide-leg jeans can be dressed down with sneakers or up with a heeled sandal. They are very versatile and don't need much work to look great. Style with a cropped sweater or t-shirt that is loosely tucked in for a look that will make your torso look shorter and show off your long legs.

Bootleg Jeans for Athletic Body Type:

Some high-waisted styles might not fit quite right on your hips if your body is more straight up and down. Instead, you should look for jeans with a mid-rise that will fit both your waist and hips. If you want to try something new, you can try bootcut or flared jeans. Not only do these styles make your legs look a million miles long, but jeans with more style and shape will also make you look like you have curves and a longer, slimmer body.

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