EE Pay As You Go Packs: £5 Monthly Top Up With Data Boosts

EE Pay As You Go Packs: £5 Monthly Top Up With Data Boosts

EE has recently introduced its new Pay As You Go pack options in the UK. Pay-as-you-go plans start at £5 per month and include a month's worth of 4G data, text messages, and voice minutes. When you pay with your card instead of using any other method, you are eligible for additional perks such as data rollover, free data boosts, and a discount of 10%.

You will receive 250 minutes, 500 texts, and 250MB of data after purchasing the £5 Pay As You Go pack from EE. For an additional ten pounds a month, users will have access to 500 minutes of voice time, unrestricted texting, and five gigabytes of data. You can get 15 GB of data for £15, 30 GB of data for £20, or 100 GB of data for £30 if you are a heavy data user. 

Pay As You Go Packs

Most EE Pay As You Go subscribers now opt for a monthly plan starting at £5. Every month, you'll have to pay for a new plan in order to keep your phone active.

Currently, EE offers five unique Pay As You Go bundles, each with a unique set of included features.

You won't find the £5 plan on EE's website. A different Pay as you go pack may be selected when ordering your SIM card, but this can be changed to the £5 pack when activating your SIM.

When you pay for your EE Pay As You Go Pack with a credit card directly linked to your account, you'll save 10%. So, instead of paying £10 per month for the Pay As You Go Pack, you'll only have to pay £9 per month.

In order to make direct card payments with your EE account, you will need to add either a credit card or a debit card. After that, unless you turn off automatic renewal, monthly payments will be deducted from your account in order to maintain your pack.

Data Rollover

Your pack's unused portion of its allowances will typically expire when the bundle itself does. However, if you are eligible for data rollover, your mobile data will carry over.

Rollover data only works if you buy a new Pay As You Go pack within seven days of the last one running out. Only your base data allotment will be carried over to the next month. No additional rollovers or Free Data Boost allowance will be added to your existing data.

The 15GB data included in the £15 Pack, for instance, may only be used up to a point. To those who qualify, the 5GB would carry over into the following month. The resulting sum would be 20 GB (15GB plus the 5GB of rolled-over data).

More information about the data rollover can be found on the EE website.

Free Data Boosts

Every two months, customers with an EE Pay As You Go Pack costing £10 or more will receive a free 500 MB of data. Your monthly data cap can be increased by up to 3GB for the first 12 months with this.

Pay-as-you-go pack customers, for example, will get 5GB of data per month to start.

After two months, you'll have access to 5.5GB, then 6GB, then 6.5GB, and so on. After 12 consecutive months of service, your monthly allowance will increase to 8 GB. After that point, no further Boosts will be available for collection. However, you will still get an additional 3GB of data each month.

The £5 Pay as You Go Pack is ineligible for complimentary data boosts. Prior to August 2021, EE Pay As You Go customers received a free Boost every three months under a different system. If you switch to a new plan from EE, you can rest assured that you'll still have access to your previous bonuses.

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