Best Zutano Newborn Booties For Little Feets

Best Zutano Newborn Booties For Little Feets

Showing your baby some love is best to spoil them with a pair of Zutano newborn booties. You should get a good pair of baby boots if you are about to have a baby or have recently become a parent.

You can also use booties to help your baby adjust to shoes. Some booties have a flashy design, but the vast majority are plain. They are also an excellent match for onesies and headbands. 

Best Newborn Booties

These are some of the most delicate pairs available at Zutano, and we have listed them to assist you in making a decision. Keep on reading!

Plaid Baby Booties

The ins and outs of Zutano's Organic Cotton Gripper Booties are made from soft, breathable, and lightweight GOTS-certified organic cotton interlock, making them ideal for your baby. These booties stay on even the most wiggly baby's feet with their patented two-snap secure fit. The soles of the shoes are equipped with rubber grippers to aid first-time walkers in maintaining their footholds on slippery surfaces. There is a wide variety of prints and solids from which to choose, making these booties extremely versatile.

Major League Baby Bootie

These Major League Organic Cotton Gripper Baby Bootie from Zutano is GOTS-certified and made entirely of organic cotton interlock. It features a sporty, significant league print for your little ballplayer's comfort. To eliminate the common problem of misplaced baby socks, these feature a patented two-snap secure fit that ensures they stay on even the most active toes. When new walkers take their first steps, the rubber grippers on the bottom of the shoe help them grip slippery floors. These booties come in coordinating shades and prints with many of your baby's outfits.

Rosebuds Baby Bootie

For your little girl, consider the Rosebuds Organic Cotton Gripper Baby Bootie by Zutano. It has a pretty, adorable print of rosebuds, and These booties are of soft, comfortable, GOTS-certified organic cotton interlock on the inside and the outside. The two-snap design is a game-changer for parents, as even the most active infants can't pull them off their feet. The rubber traction pads on the soles of the booties are an excellent aid for the baby's first steps. These baby booties are available in a wide variety of patterns and solid colors, making them easy to pair with a wide variety of baby clothes.

Fleece Baby Booties

Comfort and practicality come together in the cozie fleece gripper booties by Zutano. These adorable and cozy baby shoes are of cozie fleece and their signature two-snap secure fit. When your child is just learning to walk, the gripper feature on the bottom of the walker will help them maintain stability on slippery surfaces. These soft, cream-colored booties are a must-have for your little one's closet.

Furry Baby Booties

Furry fabric accents on the heel and strap of these baby booties by Zutano provide warmth and style. The exterior is Zutano's signature cozy fleece. One can stay even warmer during the winter with the addition of a soft fleece liner. They are a versatile True Navy shade that complements many winter wardrobes.

Tips for Buying Newborn Booties

Since baby booties are the first shoes your child will wear, they must be as soft and cozy as possible—a few things to look out for when purchasing infant footwear.

1. Design:

The booties shouldn't be too loose or tight, leaving enough room for the baby's toes to wiggle. The design should also make them simple to don and take off.

2. Size:

If you buy booties that are too big, they may cause your baby to trip or fall, and if they are too small, they may suffocate their feet. So, look at the size chart, measure your baby's feet, and choose the appropriate size.

3. Safety:

Pick a pair of boots with a dependable closure and a nonslip sole. Verify that the fabric and linings are gentle and safe for your baby's skin.

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