Dickies Skateboarding Pants Review: Are They Worth It?

Dickies Skateboarding Pants Review: Are They Worth It?

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I'm always looking for the ideal trouser, much like David Lynch. ("Lynch puts it this way: "It's fit; it's a certain feeling. It's sad if they're wrong, which they rarely are. I've found great pants, such as perfectly floppy hand-me-down wool trousers and a pair of New Zealand color-blocked cowboy jeans. Still, I've never seen a pair so exceptionally well-fitting, singular yet universally wearable, that I could call my search complete.

Therefore, I wouldn't say I like buying multiple pairs of the same trousers. Buying new trousers is a limited resource I use wisely; I only believe three or four new pairs per year, so I only get about two dozen chances to find the perfect pair. It could take a lifetime; if the ideal pair is out there waiting to be discovered, why store the imperfect ones you already own?

I tried to talk myself out of buying a second pair of skateboarder Dickies for about six months before finally giving in and doing so. They are made from the brand's signature twill, a tightly woven, rigid fabric composed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, and I purchased my first pair last summer while shopping online for a pair of medium-blue pants that weren't jeans. I found that they were comfortable and versatile, meeting my needs for both casual and professional attire.


They have a soft blue hue, similar to the vintage Levi's jeans one might unearth in an old mine. As I searched for the perfect pair of black pants last fall, I soon realized that, in my mind, the best black pants were simply a black version of my favorite blue Dickies. I debated getting a second pair for a couple of weeks.

The trousers are an updated version of Dickies' iconic 874 styles "created with the skateboarder in mind." I asked editor and skateboarder Andrew Luecke for clarification and sent him the product page. Skaters would appreciate the new design because of the wider leg opening and looser fit of the trousers around the thighs and hips.

"Having worn the original 874, those can be a bit restrictive in the waist and rise, especially in the classic Dickies poly-cotton twill, which doesn't give much," he said of the previous version. The originals have a straight leg and can be stacked on top of a shoe. Skate trousers have a looser leg opening than regular trousers, allowing them to rest comfortably over skate shoes.

Even though I do not skate, I have found that these trousers fit well over various footwear, from Vibram-soled Chelsea boots to chunky dad trainers. In addition, I appreciate that, unlike most men's trousers, Dickies are available in sizes ranging from a size 38 down to a size 26. I usually wear a size 26, but I had to size up to a 28 to get to the fitting room without being baggy.

Being only five feet tall, I had to shorten the length by a few inches, but the twill weave prevents the fabric from unraveling if the hem is left unfinished, just like with denim. (For the neatest results, use fabric scissors or any scissors you keep specifically for cutting fabric to avoid dulling them.)

A pair of black Carhartt jeans that never quite fit have been relegated to the back of the drawer since the black skateboarding pants arrived.


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