Best Plus-Size Shapewear Pieces Of 2022 To Shop Now

Best Plus-Size Shapewear Pieces Of 2022 To Shop Now

Our point of view is that plus-size shapewear, such as a fabulous swimsuit, is not about hiding curves but rather about celebrating them. There is no shame in needing more support than usual on certain days (or when wearing certain outfits), as this is entirely natural.

When looking for solutions-based shapewear, like when shopping for plus-size bras, there are so many options available that it can be challenging to know where to begin. First, consider the part of your body that you would like to emphasize, and then think about the outfit you will wear over the shapewear. 

At Conturve, they think shapewear can be a powerful way to help people love themselves and feel good about their bodies. Shapewear can make you feel more confident about showing off your curves in ways you may not have felt comfortable doing before.

Continue reading to see our picks for the best Conturve Shapewear to buy this year.


The patent-pending Conturve boning structure improves posture and makes the perfect layering piece for tight clothes. Giving you the confidence to wear your favorite dress and go out.


A moderate amount of firmness for a classy appearance. This shapewear top with a scoop neck is made to provide you with gentle, breathable support that is also gentle on your skin.


These pretty lace panties are the perfect way to keep your shapewear looking flirty and feminine. These cute pants, made from a fabric that is both extremely lightweight and incredibly soft, are designed to keep you cool and comfortable while still providing the same level of tummy control that you have come to expect from your go-to tummy control knickers or briefs.

Why Buy Shapewear for Plus-Size Women?

No more hiding your curves in baggy, shapeless clothes. Celebrate your curves today. Is plus-size shapewear required? No, but sometimes fulfilling your style and wearing clothes you love but have avoided can require a little extra support to feel your best.

Conturve shapewear is similar to your undergarments but has built-in body sculpting, smoothing, and accentuating, so you can wear whatever you want from your closet. Thongs on shapewear prevent unsightly chafing under skintight skirts and pants.

Conturve carries a wide variety of plus-size shapewear, including bodysuits to wear under form-fitting dresses and waist cincher belts with high-waisted skirts and pants.

Embrace Your Curves and Fall in Love With Plus-Size Shapewear

Conturve believes a full-figured body to be beautiful and therefore offers a wide selection of plus-size shapewear garments cut to hug your curves while slimming in all the right places. You shouldn't be afraid to take a deep breath because you're wearing shapewear; it won't make you look or feel any different.

The best plus-size shapewear does more than flatter your figure; it also boosts your self-esteem and allows you to express your unique style in the clothes you wear. Find the perfect slimming, sculpting, and silhouette-shaping pieces among Conturve's many available styles and colors.

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