Getaway House Cabin Review: What It's Really Like Staying In A Cabin

Getaway House Cabin Review: What It's Really Like Staying In A Cabin

Hello there! I want to share my unforgettable trip to Getaway House Cabins with you. They're cozy little natural places that you can rent for a retreat. First, a huge thank you to Getaway for making this wonderful stay possible for us.

What Are Getaway House Cabins?

Getaway House Cabins Review

Imagine if a small modern house, a cabin, a simple hotel, a snug pod, and a compact camper had a baby. Well, that's what a Getaway House Cabin looks like!

At a Getaway spot, there are around 30 or more tiny cabins. Some are perfect for two people, while others can fit up to four. Each cabin is small, about 140 to 200 square feet, but it's designed to have everything you need for a comfy stay.

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What's Inside A Getaway Cabin?

Getaway House Cabins

People sometimes think staying in a Getaway House is like glamorous camping (glamping), but it's more like staying in a fantastic modern cabin. It's a little small, just 200 square feet.

These cabins come with lots of stuff you'll need. There's a bathroom and a shower, clean water to drink, heating and air conditioning to stay comfy, a small kitchen with a two-burner stovetop and a mini-fridge, pots and pans, knives and a cutting board, shampoo, and other stuff for washing up, even olive oil for cooking, a kettle for hot water, and things for cooking like foil and salt and pepper. Plates, forks, and cups are there too.

You only need to bring your clothes and some things to keep you busy. Oh, and there are books to read, cards to play with, and even a speaker for music in the cabin!
You can also buy extra meal kits, firewood, and snacks.

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The Amazing Cabin Window

One cool thing about these cabins is a big window that lets you see nature like you're watching a movie. And guess what? The bed in each cabin is right by this window.

Getaway House Amazing Cabin Window

Waking up next to this window was seriously awesome. It made me feel so happy! Don't worry; if you want some shade or privacy, there are special curtains you can pull down, especially at night.

Keeping Your Space and Distance

  • The cabins are spread out, so you have lots of space to yourself. You won't see other people too much, and there aren't places where everyone gathers.
  • When you arrive, you don't need to meet anyone face-to-face. They send you all the necessary info through messages; you can even call or text if you have questions.
  • The staff takes good care of cleaning, mainly because of the Covid-19 virus. They wear masks and gloves and ensure everything is spotless before new guests arrive.

What is Contactless Process Like?

  • Getting settled in is easy. They tell you all about it before you arrive.
  • They let you know check-in is at 3:00 pm and give you a map in case you lose your way. At 2:30 pm on the day you arrive, they tell you the name of your cabin, the code to open it, and the address.
  • They want you to wait until 3:00 pm to go inside to ensure everything is clean.
  • You can call or text them if you need help during your stay.

Who Would Love Getaway House Cabins?

Anyone who wants a break and some quiet time should try these cabins. Most people stay for just 1 or 2 nights, and it's great for that. People who might like these cabins are:

  • Tired or stressed people
  • Folks who need a little escape from their regular life
  • Those going through a tough time
  • City dwellers who want to be close to nature
  • People who want to think and be alone for a while
  • Nature lovers
  • Even if you're not super into the outdoors, you might still enjoy it
  • Parents who need a break
  • Those who love fresh air
  • People traveling alone
  • If you love reading and daydreaming

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Not the Right Fit For Everyone

But let's be honest. These cabins might not be for you if:

  • You're coming with more than four people
  • You're looking to make lots of noise and party
  • You want to use the Internet all the time
  • You want to be around lots of people

Wrapping Up My Adventure

So, what's my final thought after my stay and all the exploring? These cabins from Getaway are a safe and cozy way to escape it all. You're not too far from others, but you still have space. Whether you're waking up by the big window, wandering around nature, or just enjoying the calm, a Getaway House Cabin is a really special place.

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