Trio Beauty Brow Trio Stencil Kit Review: We Tried This Trending Kit

Trio Beauty Brow Trio Stencil Kit Review: We Tried This Trending Kit

In the beauty world, where makeup products and filters rule, the hunt for perfect brows continues. People are always on the lookout for easy solutions. I'm picky about my eyebrows, just like many others.

When I heard about brow stencils and stamps, I thought they'd make things harder. But I decided to give Trio Beauty's Brow Trio Stencil Kit a shot. Could this kit simplify my routine?

Introducing The Brow Trio Kit

Brow Trio Kit
Trio Beauty - Brow Trio Stencil Kit ($38)


The Brow Trio Kit presents a three-in-one solution comprising a waterproof pomade, a double-sided applicator with a sponge tip on one end, a spoolie on the other, and a collection of 12 eyebrow stencils. The stencils are categorized into four shapes for regular, low, and high arches. These components are neatly packaged within a faux leatherette sleeve, all enclosed within a charming bag.

How Brow Trio Kit Works

How Brow Trio Kit Works

The allure of the Brow Trio Kit was undeniable after watching a demonstration. A woman effortlessly used the kit in her car, producing perfectly groomed brows with the ease of a wand and a stencil. Intrigued by this seemingly magical process, I decided to try it.

The procedure is straightforward: After determining your ideal pomade shade through the company's color match quiz and receiving the kit, you select a stencil that matches your brow shape.

Align the stencil with your natural arch, steady it with two fingers, and tap the pomade-laden sponge against the stencil. The result is a precise and well-defined brow. Grooming with the spoolie side of the applicator and repeating the process on the other brow completes the transformation.

What's Included In The Brow Trio Kit

The Brow Trio Kit

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  • A set of 12 brow stencils with varying sizing options.
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof Pomade.
  • Signature sponge applicator.
  • Vegan leather storage case.

Using the Brow Trio Kit: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Tap the sponge into the Pomade gently.
  • Apply the chosen stencil with a secure two-finger hold.
  • Use a tapping motion to apply the Pomade from the brow's tail.
  • Remove the stencil to reveal the filled brow.
  • Flip the stencil to the other brow and repeat the process.
  • Blend the Pomade using the spoolie end of the brush.

Our Final Thoughts

After giving the Brow Trio Kit a go, I was genuinely impressed. It made my brow routine much easier. Even if you're not an expert, you can still use the kit without any trouble. Everyone has their style, but this kit is a secret weapon for getting fantastic brows without fuss. So why not try it out and experience the brow magic firsthand? Your brows will thank you!

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