Nanuk 935 Case Review: Tried & Tested

Nanuk 935 Case Review: Tried & Tested

Whether you're a photographer exploring remote landscapes or a filmmaker capturing life's moments, the Nanuk 935 camera hard case provides unparalleled protection for your gear, ensuring your camera's safety as well as the security of essential travel accessories.

And for hands-free convenience, pair it with a durable travel backpack to effortlessly carry your gear and accessories wherever your adventures take you.

Nanuk 935 Case Review 2023

If you're considering this hard case but are still determining its suitability, our comprehensive Nanuk 935 review will guide you through the decision-making process.

Nanuk 935 Hard Case: Factors to Consider Before Purchase

While the Nanuk 935 garners significant praise, several considerations are worth pondering before purchasing. Let's explore:

Nanuk 935 Hard Case

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  • Dimensions: The interior dimensions of 20.5" × 11.3" × 7.5" classify the Nanuk 935 as a medium-sized hard case. It offers ample space for multiple camera bodies and an array of lenses. Additionally, you can opt for a lid organizer, expanding room for accessories such as those used in astrophotography.
  • Weight: Weighing in at five kilograms, the Nanuk 935 is relatively heavier than standard camera bags. However, its robust construction justifies the importance, and the integrated wheels and handle facilitate easy transport.
  • Materials: Constructed with NK-7 resin, the Nanuk 935's shell boasts remarkable durability. This case is built to endure rigorous tests, including surviving impact. Despite its seemingly soft texture, the patient effectively safeguards its contents under various challenging conditions.

Choosing Inserts For The Nanuk 935

The method of organizing your camera and accessories within the case holds significance. Let's explore different insert options:

Nanuk 935 Hard Case

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  • Lid Organizer: Nanuk's lid organizer offers additional storage compartments. It has three to five zippered sections and's perfect for stowing batteries, SD cards, and cleaning kits.
  • Foam: High-density, well-made foam ensures optimal equipment protection, minimizing movement of packed contents. While it occupies more space, it provides a secure fit. Pick and Pluck foam adds customization possibilities akin to padded dividers.
  • Padded Dividers: Offering customization, padded dividers come with nylon inserts and half-inch padding, maintaining gear security over time.

Features & Benefits

Exploring key features and advantages of the Nanuk 935:

Nanuk 935 Hard Case

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  • Pricing: While Nanuk hard cases might be pricier than some third-party alternatives, the investment reflects quality and decades of expertise.
  • Range of Colors: The Nanuk 935 offers a variety of stylish colors, including vibrant options like yellow and orange, as well as more understated choices like black, grey, and dark green.
  • Latches: The patented three-stage Power Claw latches set Nanuk apart, providing both ease of use and robust security.
  • Wheels: The polyurethane wheels ensure smooth transport, even on uneven surfaces.
  • Handle: The sturdy, extendable handle locks in place, offering easy and comfortable maneuverability.

Is Nanuk 925 Case Waterproof?

The Nanuk 935 boasts an IP67 waterproof rating, protecting against rain and snow. It can withstand submersion in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes, making it a reliable choice for wet conditions.

Final Words

For those serious about securing their camera gear, the Nanuk 935 is a superior choice. Its durable shell, impressive latching system, and waterproof capabilities set it above competitors. Whether you're a professional photographer or a passionate hobbyist, the Nanuk 935 is a smart investment to protect your cameras, lenses, and accessories. With its features and benefits, this hard case lives up to its reputation and surpasses expectations.

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