Top Mignon Faget Jewelry Picks For Your Collection

Top Mignon Faget Jewelry Picks For Your Collection

When it comes to beautiful and timeless jewelry, Mignon Faget stands out. With over fifty years of creating stunning pieces, this jewelry designer has a special place in the hearts of jewelry lovers. Mignon Faget's creations are more than just accessories; they are works of art and history.

Must-Have Mignon Faget's Jewelry Pieces

Let's take a closer look at some of the top jewelry pieces by Mignon Faget that you should consider for your collection:

1. Sol Pendant

Sol Pendant


The Sol Pendant captures the sun's beauty in a delicate design made of sterling silver. It's a symbol of energy and life. You can wear it every day or for special occasions to add a touch of radiance to your outfit.

2. Horizon Black Opal Cuff

Horizon Black Opal Cuff


The Horizon Black Opal Cuff is like a work of art that looks like the night sky. It has a stunning black opal that reminds you of the mysteries of space. This cuff bracelet is a classic piece of jewelry that will always look great.

3. Halo Hoop Earrings Sleeping Beauty

Halo Hoop Earrings Sleeping Beauty


The Halo Hoop Earrings are special because they have beautiful blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise on them. They make you look fancy and can be worn every day or when you want to dress up.

4. Hive Nucleus Diamond Studs

Hive Nucleus Diamond Studs


For a touch of understated luxury, consider the Hive Nucleus Diamond Studs. These earrings feature a cluster of brilliant diamonds set in 14k gold, radiating elegance and charm.

5. Neutral Ground Narrow Diamond Ring

Neutral Ground Narrow Diamond Ring


The Neutral Ground Narrow Diamond Ring showcases simplicity at its finest. This ring is versatile and timeless, with a row of dazzling diamonds set in white gold.

6. Warm Mixed Pearl Necklace

Warm Mixed Pearl Necklace


The Warm Mixed Pearl Necklace reimagines pearls with a modern twist. Mignon Faget blends freshwater and coin pearls, creating a classic and contemporary necklace.


With these top picks from Mignon Faget's collection, you can elevate your collection and infuse it with timeless elegance and New Orleans charm.

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