Little Sleepies Pajama Sets Review: Are They Worth It?

Little Sleepies Pajama Sets Review: Are They Worth It?

Do your kids often grumble about their pajamas feeling scratchy, itchy, or uncomfortable? I get it – my kids do the same. While it's good that they express their feelings, dealing with their complaints after a long day is not easy. But there's good news: Little Sleepies is here to help, combining cozy comfort and relaxed style to create a peaceful bedtime routine.

What is Little Sleepies?

Meet Little Sleepies, a company started by a mom named Maradith Frenkel, who used to work in movies. They make pajamas and onesies utilizing a mix of spandex and bamboo. This fabric is good for the Earth because it can break down naturally. It's also excellent for kids' skin – it won't cause allergies, fights off bad stuff like fungi, and doesn't let bad smells stick around. Even better, these pajamas keep kids feeling just right, whether hot in the summer or chilly in the winter. No more waking up at night saying it's too hot or cold!

But that's not the end of the story. Little Sleepies got super popular with their Zippies. These are unique one-piece sleepers that have cuffs that can fold over. This turns them from being without feet to having feet (the other way around). Zippies also have two zippers to make changing diapers easy, and the mittens fold over to stop new babies from scratching themselves.

How Much Do Little Sleepies Pajamas Cost?

Little Sleepies Pajama Set

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What is the price of Little Sleepies? Their two-piece pajama sets come at $32 for the shorter groups and $34 for the longer ones, including pants and long-sleeve tops. If you're interested in Zippies, they're also priced at $34 each. And guess what? Little Sleepies even has sets for the whole family to match! Adult sizes start at $32 per piece if you're all grown up.

Oh, and there's a bonus: If your order exceeds $25, Little Sleepies will ship it to you for free! Plus, when you make a purchase, part of that money goes to a particular place called Alex's Lemonade Stand. This place helps fight childhood cancer, which is essential.

Why We Adore Little Sleepies

Get Little Sleepies Pajamas Starting at $34

Ultra-Soft Comfort: Like a Hug, You Can Wear

We've found something extraordinary in Little Sleepies – their pajamas are incredibly soft. My kids are all about comfort, so finding clothes matching their softness preferences can be challenging. But when it comes to their Little Sleepies pajamas, they happily wear them without any complaints.

They love these sets so much that I wash them multiple times a week so that they can keep wearing them repeatedly. Last holiday season, we tried their pajamas, and it all made sense – the bamboo fabric is silky soft, almost like getting wrapped in a gentle hug.

Charming Patterns: Cozy and Cute Together

It's not just about comfort – it's about style too! Little Sleepies does a fantastic job with their pajama patterns. Comfy pajamas are great, but having them in totally adorable ways takes it up a notch.

Little Sleepies offers a tremendous range of designs, and my kids get excited about choosing new patterns whenever we need a new pair. They adore their Breakfast Buddies sets, but right now, we've got our eyes on the Out of This World print – it's so cool!

Stretchy Fit: Growing Happily

Kids seem to grow overnight, don't they? Every time I turn around, my kids have outgrown their clothes. But here's where Little Sleepies comes to the rescue. Their pajamas have a wonderful stretchiness thanks to the spandex woven into the fabric. This means they can keep up with my growing kids, allowing them to enjoy their favorite pajamas even as they grow taller.

Surprising Durability: Thin but Tough

When I first touched the fabric of Little Sleepies pajamas, I was surprised by how thin it felt. But let me tell you, these pajamas are tough cookies. Despite their delicate feel, they're impressively durable and long-lasting. I thought they might wear out quickly, but they proved me wrong. They still look bright and vibrant after almost a year of wear and many washes. They've held up so well that we've even passed them down to younger kids, and they're still almost good as new.

What's Not So Great: The Price

I'll be honest – as a parent who knows the value of a tight budget, the price of Little Sleepies can be a bit high. They're not unreasonably expensive, especially when comparing them to similar brands. However, if you have more than one kid and you're buying pajamas for all of them, the cost can add up quickly. Spending over $60 on two pairs of pajamas might not be doable for many families.

Little Sleepies Discounts

Treat your little ones to the coziest sleepwear with Little Sleepies. Enjoy a 15% discount on your order using code LSVIP at checkout. Take advantage of this chance to give your kids the gift of comfort for less. Shop now and save!

Are Little Sleepies Pajamas Worth it? Our Verdict

You might be thinking, "Are these pajamas worth it?" Here's the scoop: Little Sleepies pajamas could be more expensive than regular cotton ones at Target or Amazon. But let me tell you, these pajamas are like a super soft hug and have adorable designs. My kids always want to wear them, and it's worth the money when they love something. So, if you're considering getting a pair or even three of Little Sleepies, I say go for it – you won't regret it!

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