Knockaround Premium Sunglasses Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Knockaround Premium Sunglasses Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Affordable sunglasses are perfect for a variety of situations. They didn't cost you an arm and a leg, so it doesn't matter if you lose them at your previous hotel, break them while hiking, or never get them back from a friend who borrowed them.

Finding a happy medium between price and quality can be challenging in a market saturated with low-cost sunglasses. In recent years, Knockaround has established itself as a well-known brand, gaining a reputation for producing reasonably priced glasses that, in a nutshell, do the job. Without further ado, let's get started!

Knockaround Premium Sunglasses Review

Materials & Aesthetic

Knockaround offers various trainers, but we went with the Premiums in Black/Smoke because we believed they were the most stylish. Let's define what these are and aren't before we get into how we plan to use them and how they compare in terms of cost and quality. The matte finish on the black frames gives them a professional and athletic appearance.


The Knockaround logo, a broad letter K, is located on the upper arm of each side. The logo is also black, so if you weren't looking for it, you wouldn't see it. The color scheme we appreciate is what you notice about the frames rather than the logo. Even the pins that secure the arms to the frames of the sunglasses are almost entirely black. The pins look solid plastic, but we can't tell for sure. We can't discover anything on the glasses that we know for sure is metal, and the magnet we took from the office fridge also didn't find any.

The only non-black part of the glasses is a little emblem in the upper corner. If you're wearing glasses, your right eye will see it. At first, we believed it was a sticker, but when it wouldn't come off, we knew it was there to stay. It's alright since it's primarily in your peripheral, but it's a shame it's not removable. It's off-white, sun-shaped, and bears the letter K logo.

The lenses are acrylic and slightly reflective. You can see through them, but they're considerably tinted. The lenses have UV400 protection, meaning nearly all harmful ultraviolet rays, including UVA and UVB, will be blocked. The glasses' lenses are also polarised, which stops certain kinds of light from getting through. This makes the image a little darker, but it makes seeing details, colors, and water more accessible and vivid. This can be helpful if you're going on a trip where you'll spend a lot of time by the water or if you like to fish, boat, or kayak. 

Durability & Testing

The Knockaround Premiums are a good pair of cheap sunglasses since they provide adequate comfort and durability for their price. We disagree with the common perception that being thrifty is a bad thing. The Knockarounds are of excellent quality and are reasonably priced. These are currently available for less than $30, which we consider a fantastic price.

We're blown away by how long these glasses last. They performed admirably when we decided to bash them up to see if they were worth it. We threw them off a moving bicycle, and the lenses and frames were unscathed. These have been slid in and out of various daypacks and travel bags we are testing without damage. When storms hit, we slide our phones through the connection loop on our shoulder straps or onto the front of our shirts, exposing them to the elements. Nonetheless, their quality and appearance have remained unchanged since we first got them.


Put the Knockaround Premiums in Black/Smoke to look and feel like the Knockarounds we were familiar with before trying them. They're affordable, look great, and last a while. Whether or whether you like their appearance is irrelevant; the fact that they will hold up for multiple trips is what matters in a pair of sunglasses for travel.

Pros & Cons Of Knockaround Premium Sunglasses


  • Feel light on your face and ears.
  • Provide polarisation and UV400 protection.
  • Keep you cozy even when you're on the go.


  • The plastic may bend if the arms are allowed to overextend.
  • Lenses are easily smudged.
  • The logo on the lens detracts from the clean appearance.

Is Knockaround Premium Sunglasses Worth It?

Knockaround Premium Sunglasses are a great option if you're looking for a new pair of sunglasses. From my personal experience, I can say that they are worth it. Not only are there plenty of fashionable options to pick from, but the high-quality materials and polarised lenses ensure that your eyes are well protected from the sun's damaging rays. 

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