Elevate Your Style With Dolce Vita Wedge Shoes

Elevate Your Style With Dolce Vita Wedge Shoes

Women everywhere adore heels, but not all of us can walk comfortably in them. Those who have foot problems, however, should opt for wedge sandals instead of a pair of skinny heels. When it comes to summer footwear, wedge sandals have emerged as a clear frontrunner.

Wedge heels, with their open toes and moderate height, create a look that is equal parts laid-back elegance and sensual allure. The majority of wedge sandals have a formal appearance that will go with anything, even your glitteriest party dresses.

Wearing wedge sandals this summer can be a huge time saver. You'll be able to strut around in style while enjoying the ease of walking these shoes provide. They're a wardrobe staple that every woman should have because they go with anything and everything.

Wedge sandals are a summer staple, and Dolce Vita has a huge selection for you to choose from in different colours and styles. 

However, below are a few of Dolce Vita's all-time greats that we've compiled just for you. These wedge sandals will have you shining all summer long.

Elly Heels

Try something risky. Elly has been designed for maximum visual impact by combining a thick platform sole with wide straps and a glitzy metallic buckle. This sandal is not to be taken lightly; it packs a powerful punch.


Elora Heels

This soft texture is a big trend, so we updated our favourite chunky mule shape just in time for spring. This throwback-inspired look goes well with your favourite midi dress or wide-leg jeans. Whether you go for a retro look or a more modern one, ELORA stands out.


Jeana Wedges

Dolce Vita's Jeana wedge is a throwback in style and materials, with its low chrome leather and sustainably sourced wood heel and skinny straps.


Nezza Wedges

This is the wedge you've been looking for all along. NEZZA is a great addition to your spring wardrobe because she has a wedge heel that is easy to walk in and wide straps that provide a lot of support. Don't let her height fool you! In point of fact, she may very well be our go-to fashion choice for weekend trips and long weekends during the spring.


Wonder Heels

WONDER is a 1990s throwback that has reignited all of our obsessions. The chunky platform, wide heel, and crisscross strap silhouette tick all of our boxes while also providing something for everyone else to talk about. Wear them with a sleek midi skirt for the ultimate retro look.


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