Bodily Postpartum Recovery Boxes Review

Bodily Postpartum Recovery Boxes Review

Whether you have a C-section or a natural birth, some things will help your recovery after giving birth. Bodily has you covered with their carefully put-together boxes.

What Is Bodily?

Bodily is a postpartum company started by a real-life mother frustrated by the absence of trustworthy post-birth information and the availability of crappy postpartum products on the market.

Today, Bodily offers postpartum recovery and breastfeeding boxes backed by scientific research and all the necessities for new mothers and fathers to feel their best after giving birth. In addition to that, everything has been carefully designed to accommodate your body exactly as it is.

How Does Bodily Work?

Bodily is mostly about birth, recovery after birth, learning how to breastfeed, and products that help. When it comes to products after giving birth, it's almost too easy to find what you need.

There are several stand-alone items in the Bodily Shop, such as:

  • Nursing bras
  • Mesh underwear
  • Postpartum underwear
  • Cozy socks
  • Nursing pads

You can also pick one of their carefully put-together recovery boxes that fit your needs. Buy now.

Our Favorite Bodily Postpartum Recovery Boxes

Care for Birth Box


The Care for Birth Box is a convenient one-stop shop that provides all the items necessary for your recovery after giving birth and for your journey with breastfeeding.

With this elevated birth recovery, postpartum, and breastfeeding essentials kit that you didn't know you needed (until you *really* do), you can cross the hospital bag checklist off your list of things to do. This kit includes everything you need.

This kit, which has won multiple awards, includes 11 products backed by research, as well as two guidebooks, one of which is for you and the other is for a supporter. It is the ideal solution for helping you or a loved one feel prepared. Our organic and all-natural remedies are now available as a pre-packed labor bag that also contains supplementary items for your recovery in the comfort of your home.

C-Section Recovery Box


If you delivered your baby via cesarean section, there are a few things you'll want to have on hand to feel the most comfortable possible. The C-Kit has everything you need for your recovery, but the Scheduled C-Section Birth Box has everything you need and more.

Everything you need for a scheduled C-Section is included in the Care For Birth Box, plus a belly band for postoperative comfort. This kit has everything you need to help yourself or a loved one feel ready for anything, including 12 products supported by scientific research and two pocket guides. This set features our Belly Band, a dual-band system that allows you to target compression to wherever it feels best during your recovery from a C-Section, in addition to all of the items included in our Care For Birth Box.

A pre-packed hospital bag and everything else you'll need for a speedy recovery at home is now part of this package. Ideal for expecting mothers who have chosen to have a cesarean section.

How Much Do Bodily's Postpartum Boxes Cost?

Prices for the boxes can range anywhere from $90 to $145. Your costs will be determined by which treatment plan best meets your requirements for recovery. Additionally, all the items are neatly packaged in smaller bags, making it simple to slip what you require into your hospital bag without exerting a great deal of additional effort.

Keep in mind that there are six box options to select from and that you can narrow down your choice of the box based on the specific healing needs that are unique to you.

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