Artifact Uprising Review: What You Need to Know

Artifact Uprising Review: What You Need to Know

We don't always begin our reviews with such a significant spoiler. Still, in the case of this Artifact Uprising review, we can't help ourselves: we adore the company's products. Printing of this caliber and level of luxury is available to anyone, not just professional photographers operating their businesses. It is open to the general public, meaning that this platform lets amateur photographers and photography enthusiasts purchase their products.

In our Artifact Uprising Review, however, you will find all the information you need and answers to any questions about its quality and pricing.

They have five main product categories, which we discussed in depth in our Artifact Uprising review.



Artifact books have a stunning appearance. They produce genuinely exquisite and high-end goods and have uncovered space in the digital printing world that no one else currently fills for the general public with printed pages with a matte finish.

They have a large selection of albums available, so to prevent it from becoming too overwhelming, we have only included the books on this list that come highly recommended for storing travel photo memories. 

We go into further detail on the following books below:

  • Everyday Photo Book
  • Photo-Wrapped Hardcover
  • Hardcover Travel Album
  • Instagram-Friendly Book

Everyday Photo Book

This is our go-to album product when creating high-quality photo travel books, and it's the only one Artifact Uprising sells.

Since there is only one size of this book, you won't have to spend time away from your desk deciding what size to get or trying to remember what size you got the last time you designed the book digitally. One size fits all. 7×7″

We also love how the look of our books stays the same over time. There are only six fabric colors (some of those colors will be used again after six trips!), and they all have the same metallic imprinting in the same font. Always manages to pull off an elegant look!

Photo-Wrapped Hardcover

You'll enjoy this book if you're into the idea of a picture being imprinted on the cover so that it wraps around the front, spine, and back and if you don't mind, the pages being on the flimsy side. (The Everyday Photo Book is our top pick because of its sturdy pages.)

It's important to remember that young children can easily rip the pages of a book with soft, thin pages, so you shouldn't get one for your travel photo book memories if you have young children. If you don't, then choose whichever you like best!

Hardcover Travel Album

This is an excellent option if you're looking for a hardcover with a photo-printed jacket but prefer more supple pages. This is a great option if you took many fantastic vacation photos that you want to print but don't want to limit yourself to 210 pages.

It's safe to say that this book is virtually identical to the Hardcover Photo Book in every respect. The only real distinction is in the dust jacket's aesthetic possibilities. (The jacket of the Hardcover Photo Book can be personalized with foil printing, and the jacket of the Hardcover Travel Album can be customized with photos and text for more accessible travel.)

Instagram-Friendly Book

However, the Instagram photos must already be in your IG account, and you must be okay with the restricted degree of personalization available. This isn't the best book to keep track of your travel memories, but it can be a nice addition to others.

This won't ever be able to take the place of our regular Artifact Everyday Photo Books. In contrast, it's a breeze to print a small square softcover book to show off our travels to mom and dad. Even if you're in the airport on your way home from vacation and have thirty photos you want to use on your Instagram feed, you can do so with the app on your phone.



We adore the prints made by Artifact Uprising. Our go-to purchase from them is the Square Print Set. We receive 50 in the standard 5x5 inch white-bordered size (though you can get 10 or 25 too).

Their large prints are also beautiful. You can make one as small as 810 inches or as big as 4060 inches. They are giclée prints made with an inkjet printer on heavyweight 230 gsm (6 pt.) paper.

Once they get to you, you'll need to frame them or find another way to hang them on your wall. Good thing Artifact Uprising sells frames!



The frames sold by Artifact Uprising are all up-to-date and available in various tones. In the best way, they manage to keep things sophisticated while making as few decisions as possible. Most photo frames require you to use an existing image from your computer. That way, when the package arrives at your door, it can be hung immediately.

Their acrylic float frames will fool even the most discerning eye into thinking your picture is floating on the wall, making them perfect for the minimalist who appreciates the illusion of floating.



They have relatively compact calendars. The majority are 5 by 7 inches, but they offer one alternative, which is 19.5 by 9.5 inches, and that is their calendar sheets. (The fact that they sell extra sheets in case you run out is a nice touch.)

It should be no surprise that the Artifact Uprising calendar options are all sleek, minimal, and up-to-date.



The card options for Artifact Uprising are both divine and limited (of course). Depending on the design that you choose for the card, you may have the option of adding metallic embossing to it.

In addition, many of them come with cool envelopes, which will make them stand out in the mail received by your friend. Even though there is an option to "upload your design," Artifact Uprising's greeting card designs are primarily centered on photographs because the company sells photography-related products.



Artifact Uprising's website has a "gift" button accessible from the main menu. There, presents are categorized by event or recipient, such as a Mother's Day present or a gift for a grandparent. We appreciate how well thought out and simple it is to navigate their website.

Gift cards from Artifact Uprising are an excellent option if you're at a loss as to which photo product to get a friend or family member or if you'd instead let them make the final decision themselves. It's a great choice, and your pal or family member will be thrilled to receive a gift card if they are interested in photography or travel. I certainly would!

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