5 Top Items To Buy At Victoria's Secret

5 Top Items To Buy At Victoria's Secret

Customers keep returning to Victoria's Secret because the brand is known for producing everyday bras and gorgeous lingerie; as a result, Victoria's Secret has become a household name. It has earned a place in the underwear drawers of most people thanks to products that have received positive reviews, an exciting fashion show, increasingly inclusive sizing over the years, and a spin-off brand known as Victoria's Secret Pink. In recent years, the brand's offerings have expanded to include a wider variety of products than just bras and underwear.

Now, you can find everything you need, from clothing for working out and swimming to products for your appearance, all under one roof (or a website).

We searched the website thoroughly to come up with a list of the top five items that Victoria's Secret sells in addition to lingerie.

1. A Bra That Can Be Worn With Any Tee


This bra gives you just the right amount of natural support if that's what you're after. The straps can be worn traditionally or switched to a cross-back formation, and the overall design provides full coverage, making it ideal for everyday use. The reviews agree that the fit is so good that many customers have bought more than one version.

Shop at Victoria's Secret and spend only $44.50 on the Shimmer Lace Push-up Full-coverage Bra.

2. A Beautiful Slip Dress 


Hello, runway looks from the '90s! There are a few reasons why people give this slip dress such high ratings and praise. To begin, it has an effortless flowy design that is universally aesthetically pleasing. 

For only $75, you can purchase the Washable Silk Midi Slip Dress from Victoria's Secret.

3. A Super Cosy PJ Set


An incredibly soft set of matching pajamas has been called "the most comfortable pajamas ever" by one reviewer. These pants are made from tencel, so they stretch well and have a looser cut, making them comfortable to wear on warm days. You can pick from a wide variety of styles and hues, giving you many leeways when you buy another pair (which is likely).

Victoria's Secret sells a Heavenly by Victoria Supersoft Modal Short Pajama Set for $64.50.

4. A Cult Favourite Perfume


Very Sexy, a best-selling perfume by Victoria's Secret has a strong, lingering scent that critics love. The fragrance opens with tangy clementine and wild blackberry notes and develops into a woodsy base with a sweet vanilla orchid top note. There may be a cheaper body spray available, but the Eau de Parfum is the purest and most concentrated form of fragrance.

Victoria's Secret sells an Eau de parfum called Very Sexy for $79.

5. Lace-Detailed Leggings


These leggings are best-seller because they can be worn anywhere and everywhere, including the gym, the supermarket, and around the house. All your essentials will remain in place thanks to the ultra-high rise, and you'll be able to move thanks to the four-way stretch performance fabric freely. Sweat is nothing to be concerned about either. If you start sweating, the material will have already begun to wick it away. Lengths of 7/8, regular, and long are all on offer.

For just $39.50, you can own a pair of Victoria's Secret's Incredible Essential Lace-Up Leggings.

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