WANDRD PRVKE Backpack Review: A Must For Traveling Photographers

WANDRD PRVKE Backpack Review: A Must For Traveling Photographers

In the ever-changing world of travel and photography, finding the ideal travel backpack to keep your gear safe and easily accessible is paramount. That's where the WANDRD PRVKE travel backpack shines – a gear piece that has not only captured the attention of photographers but also become a staple for adventurers seeking a reliable and versatile companion.

WANDRD PRVKE Backpack Review 2023

Let's explore a detailed review of the WANDRD PRVKE backpack together. We'll check out its features, design, and why it's great for photographers who are always on the move.



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Dimensions and Specifications

  • Shallow yet tall design for comfortable weight distribution.
  • Available in 21-liter and 31-liter sizes.
  • Weights: 2.8lbs (21L) and 3.4lbs (31L).

The Essential Camera Cube

  • Optional but indispensable accessory.
  • Various sizes with adjustable dividers.
  • Fits at the bottom for weight distribution and easy access.

Roll-Top Lid

  • Stylish and functional roll-top lid.
  • Adds five liters of capacity.
  • Potential interference with handles when overfilled.

Side Access

  • Convenient side access point for quick gear retrieval.
  • It could benefit from a slightly larger access point.

Rainfly Pocket and Water Bottle Pocket

  • Rainfly pocket for weather protection (not included in standard package).
  • Expandable water bottle pocket for versatility.

Clamshell Zipper and Laptop Sleeve

  • Clamshell zipper for easy access to contents.
  • Padded laptop sleeve for up to 15-inch laptops.
  • Optimized weight distribution for laptops.

Passport Pocket

  • A discreet zippered pocket is located at the small of the back.
  • Secure storage for valuables, inaccessible while worn.

Magnetic Handles

  • Magnetic clips on top handles prevent slipping.
  • Stylish touch, though magnets could be stronger.



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The WANDRD PRVKE backpack's choice of materials is a testament to its careful craftsmanship. The use of Tarpaulin and Ballistic Nylon creates a stunning blend of textures and durability:

  • Tarpaulin: Delivering a sleek, leather-like appearance and a smooth feel, Tarpaulin adds an air of elegance. However, it's susceptible to scratches, which could enhance its character or concern those seeking pristine looks.
  • Ballistic Nylon: Used on the rolltop and other sections, Ballistic Nylon feels firm to the touch despite its rougher look. Its harmony with Tarpaulin generates a balanced and visually pleasing aesthetic.



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The WANDRD PRVKE backpack is available in 21L and 31L. This range of options ensures photographers and adventurers can select the perfect fit for their needs while enjoying the consistent and outstanding features that define the PRVKE series.

Pros of WANDRD PRVKE Backpack

  • Exceptional organization.
  • Multiple access points.
  • Comfort-focused design.
  • Durable construction.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • International shipping is available.

Cons of WANDRD PRVKE Backpack

  • Awkward camera cube integration.
  • Relatively heavy.
  • No built-in waist strap.
  • Limited suitability as a standalone hiking pack.
  • Weather-resistant, not fully waterproof.

Final Verdict

The WANDRD PRVKE backpack impresses with its superb organization, comfortable design, and durability. While its camera cube integration and weight pose minor challenges, the backpack's strengths, lifetime warranty, and global availability make it a compelling choice for photographers and travelers.

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