Top 3 SkinCare Tools to Try

Top 3 SkinCare Tools to Try

Most of us are aware that we could be doing more to take care of our skin, but we lack the knowledge to even get started. It's not easy to figure out what's best for our skin when there are so many options for skincare products, advice, and resources to choose from.

Time and effort are required to improve your skin's health, but Revlon has skincare tools that can help you get the radiant, photo-ready & healthy skin that models have.

Top Three Skin Care Tools

1. Jade Face Roller

Jade face rollers are something that many of us are familiar with, even if we do not personally own one. Since the seventh century in China, people have been using this tool to massage their faces. It has been around for a very long time.

Jade rollers are well-known anti-aging devices that work by stimulating the flow of blood in the muscles and tissues of the face. This tool should ideally be used twice per day, in the morning and the evening, and it works particularly well for massaging in serums and moisturizers.

Many people recommend putting it in the refrigerator and using it when it is cool for an extra boost of skin revitalization. This will really help to energize your face and neck.

Try it: Revlon Jade Stone Facial Roller for $10.99

2. Reviving Roller

A skin-reviving roller that works by grabbing the muscles beneath the skin to increase circulation and firmness, thereby lifting and reshaping the face.

The Revlon Skin Reviving Roller works instantly to depuff the skin while also cooling and reviving it. You can take it with you when you go out or use it as part of your daily skincare routine when you are applying serums and moisturizers. This handy roller is small enough to fit in your pocket and is great for giving your skin a quick boost whenever and wherever you are. Additionally, those with sensitive skin can use this roller without irritation.

3. Face Defuzzers

Face defuzzers glide over the face, removing any stray peach fuzz that may be getting in the way of your skin care products or your flawless application of makeup.

Consider giving it a shot: Revlon Face Defuzzers are only for $5.48.

• It's easier for the razor to catch downy hairs if you first clean and dry your face.
• Move the defuzzer over the unwanted hair in small, downward strokes, avoiding the eye area.
• For the cleanest sweep, wipe the blade on a cloth after each pass to remove debris.

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