The Most Popular Beauty Products From Ulta Beauty

The Most Popular Beauty Products From Ulta Beauty

Without Ulta, the low-income beauty junkie is doomed. Thank goodness there's a beauty supply store that caters to the masses and keeps our product fixation satisfied without breaking the bank. Professional makeup artists aren't the only ones who adore Ulta.  It turns out that singer/actress/producer Selena Gomez also shops at Ulta.

The most popular Ulta cosmetics are reviewed here. While others fell short of expectations, others absolutely smashed it out of the playground. Curious as to what our favorite Ulta Beauty Products are? Read on for our in-depth, truthful reviews of products sold at Ulta.

Ulta Beauty Products For Face

Hydrating Face Primer


People are picky about their primer, and few of them see it as an essential part of their daily routine. However, we can imagine a user who constantly puts primer to good use is pleased with this item. The basic formula enhances the coverage and durability of your makeup without any unnecessary fuss. It is clear, odorless, and applies smoothly. There is a lot of silicone in the formula, which some people may find appealing while others may find offensive. Those with oily skin on a tight budget would benefit most from this product.

Adjustable Coverage Foundation


Cream foundations are my absolute favorite because they are easier to work with and last all day. This pressed powder foundation may not be perfect, but I still like it because of its smooth, finely milled texture. While the coverage wasn't quite what I'd hoped for, it did help my skin look more even and natural. Now that I know it absorbs oil and shine, I know I can carry this in my purse and use it midday.

Contour Kit


While some people may regularly apply bronzer to their cheekbones, the majority of us only do so on rare occasions, creating a subtle contour effect. After all, haven't you heard that extreme contouring is so last season? So, while I do admire the beautiful contour palettes on the market, I rarely find myself in need of one. This Ulta version is great because it's affordable and it comes with a wide range of contour and highlight powder shades.  Although I won't be using this in place of my regular bronzer, it's a great option for those who enjoy contouring but have a smaller budget.

Ulta Beauty Products For Eyes



Since I was looking for a shimmery (but not too shimmery) purple eye shadow, I was eager to try Ulta's Hopeless Romantic shade. You can choose from a wide variety of neutral and muted shades, as well as shimmer and glitter finishes, in their eye shadow selection. Yes, the term "glittery" eye shadow sounds scary, but this ended up looking more iridescent than anything else after being applied. If you want a dramatic effect, you'll need to layer it on. (If you want that effect, you should also wet it.) However, it mixes easily, so I'd recommend it as a daily eye shadow. Plus, I got compliments on it, which is always a plus.

Gel Eyeliner


Being a liquid liner addict, I have a hard time finding a replacement for my one and only pen of choice. However, the gel formula sold at Ulta has a delicious velvetiness (is that even a term?) and the pretty shade range has me completely enchanted. I'm impressed by the liner's longevity, which is an issue I typically have with gel-based beauty products, and I want them all. Believe me, I'm a devotee! Additionally, Ulta: How about if I order one of everything?

Twisted Volume Mascara


The coolest feature of this mascara is that the wand can be twisted from a straight to a coiled shape, as suggested by the name. The four different wand configurations each claim to maximize your lashes' potential for dramatic effect. I got the best results using the first set, where the wand is straight and thick with small bristles, to achieve a voluminous, parted appearance. Completely coiling the wand resulted in clumpy lashes for me, but it could be ideal for someone with naturally full lashes. Even though it may be difficult, mascara can be removed. In my opinion, the product provides excellent value for the price.

Ulta Beauty Products For Lips

Luxe Lipstick


Lipstick that applies smoothly is hard to come by, but Ulta nails it. The fact that it doesn't dry out the lips is an added bonus, especially considering how often we forget to use ChapStick. I was surprised to find that, in addition to this pink, the lipstick comes in a wide range of other colors that I can't wait to try. At this price, it's an easy decision in my opinion.

Matte Lip Cream


I rarely use liquid lipstick because I find it challenging to apply. Most formulas have a blotchy, heavy, muddy consistency, which is why I prefer tubes. Since the best-selling formula at Ulta had received such great reviews, I decided to give it a try. I find myself generally impressed. The texture is airy and mousse-like, and it doesn't make my lips feel suffocated. But it didn't last as long as I'd hoped, and by the time I got to my evening spin class, my lips were feeling a little drier than I'd have liked.

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