Is Silk And Sonder Subscription Worth It? My Honest Review

Is Silk And Sonder Subscription Worth It? My Honest Review

Silk and Sonder offers a unique monthly planner subscription service for adults and children. These planners are not just practical tools for organization; they are also beautifully crafted pieces of art meant to be admired.

Founded by Meha Agrawal in 2017 and headquartered in San Francisco, Silk and Sonder originally gained popularity as a women's wellness resource. However, these planners are suitable for adults of all genders and even provide a space for kids to jot down their events.

Regardless of the user, Silk and Sonder's planners are grounded in an increasingly chaotic world. Each month, subscribers receive a new planner centered around virtues like courage. These planners also include mental health tips and life coaching to promote well-being.

How Does Silk And Sonder Work?

How Does Silk And Sonder Work?

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Silk and Sonder designs their planners with long-term use in mind. The benefits of consistently documenting incremental changes through tools like these have been well-documented in peer-reviewed scientific journals, especially in psychology. The Silk and Sonder team understands this and has created a product to support your long-term success. To achieve this, they offer planners through a monthly subscription model; there is no option for a single purchase.

Their goal is to encourage you to commit to a consistent personal growth, improvement, and self-discovery regimen. While a one-time purchase can set you on the right path, the real difference comes from observing your progress over several months or even years. This Silk and Sonder review should note that there are three subscription options: Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual. As expected, the monthly cost decreases with each tier. You can also choose the starting month for your subscription up to two months in advance.

Silk and Sonder Subscription Options

In this in-depth Silk and Sonder review, let's explore the brand's various subscription choices: Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, and Kids.

Silk And Sonder Monthly Subscription 

Silk And Sonder Monthly Subscription 

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If you're new to Silk and Sonder, the Monthly Subscription is an excellent place to start. It introduces you to their wellness approach with minimal commitment. Although it's a subscription, you can cancel anytime, turning it into a one-time order.

You may have tested the free Silk and Sonder app or read positive online reviews and want to try it. Starting here allows you to assess if features like habit tracking, self-improvement fundamentals, and wellness exercises align with your needs. This subscription is priced at $20 per month.

Silk And Sonder Quarterly Subscription 

Silk And Sonder Quarterly Subscription 

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Billed every three months, the Silk and Sonder Quarterly Subscription is the brand's most popular plan. It offers flexibility without the need for monthly decisions. More importantly, it commits you to a short yet impactful journey of self-improvement through goal setting, habit tracking, and more.

Each planner follows a unique theme. While sized to fit most bags, it also adds charm to your mantle, bookshelf, coffee table, or office desk. You can subscribe to the Quarterly Subscription for $16 per month.

Silk And Sonder Annual Subscription 

Silk And Sonder Annual Subscription 

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The Silk and Sonder Annual Subscription is tailored for the most dedicated individuals. It's perfect for those seeking to keep their lives on track and remain committed to personal growth. As anyone familiar with the Silk and Sonder community knows, fostering mental wellness is an ongoing journey.

If you've previously experimented with the free Silk and Sonder app or tried the single-month subscription, upgrading to the Annual Subscription offers more savings and a heightened commitment to daily self-improvement. You can elevate your experience with Silk and Sonder's Annual Subscription, priced at $15 monthly.

Silk And Sonder Kids – Monthly Subscription

Silk And Sonder Kids – Monthly Subscription

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The Silk and Sonder Kids Monthly Subscription is designed for children aged 6 to 12. Similar to the adult version, each monthly planner revolves around a theme, but these are centered on exploration and curiosity rather than intensive mental health exercises.

The interior and cover feature captivating artistic designs that effortlessly attract children to engage with the planner and have fun. Through interactive sections, the planner guides them through self-reflection and introduces them to life planning. Available in Space, Pirate, and Western themes, the renewed 3-month Kids Monthly Subscription is priced at $45.

Who Is Silk and Sonder For?

Who Is Silk and Sonder For

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Silk and Sonder are designed for folks who value self-improvement, self-care, and staying organized. It's an excellent fit for self-care enthusiasts aiming to weave gratitude, reflection, and mindfulness into their daily routines. This planner suits those with goals, offering structure and motivation through sections for setting and tracking objectives. It's also great for individuals committed to personal development, thanks to thematic exploration and self-reflection prompts.

If you're a creative planner or journaler, you'll appreciate the opportunity to express your creativity while staying organized with the planner's thoughtfully designed layouts and motivational quotes. Busy professionals and students can efficiently manage their schedules using its comprehensive planning pages. People seeking community and support will discover connection and inspiration through the Silk and Sonder online platform.

How To Cancel Your Silk and Sonder Subscription?

If you want to cancel your Silk and Sonder subscription, it's better to do it at least 30 days before it renews automatically. Here's how:

  • Visit
  • Log in to your account.
  • Choose 'Account Settings from the menu.
  • Click on 'Change/Cancel Membership'.
  • Confirm that you want to cancel your membership.

Is Silk and Sonder Worth It? 

Silk and Sonder is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to declutter their mental space and cultivate a wellness-oriented, patient, and optimistic mindset. While they offer planners for adults and children, most lean toward a feminine aesthetic and content.

Nevertheless, everyone can benefit equally from the expertly crafted life planning and tracking tools and the psychology-based wellness guidance. Although the subscription payment model might seem intimidating to some, remember that you can cancel at any time, essentially transforming your monthly plan into a single purchase. Before committing, you can also explore the Silk and Sonder mobile app for free. For those interested in testing the brand's overall design style and effective mental wellness approach, the Annual Supplement is another option that complements the themed monthly planners.

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