3 Outdoor Master Ski Products You Need Before Hitting the Slopes

3 Outdoor Master Ski Products You Need Before Hitting the Slopes

All ages and abilities are welcome to take advantage of Outdoor Master ski gears of reasonably priced, high-quality equipment and head outside to experience the world. The company has a significant social media presence, with over 10,000 Instagram followers and 12,000 Facebook likes.

In 2015, a group of international thrill-seekers and explorers formed Outdoor Master. Their love of the outdoors reached a pinnacle during a 2010 ski trip to the Alps. After giving it some thought, the group decided to spend more time in nature to appreciate and slow down the "frenetic" city lifestyle they'd stumbled into. The right equipment is challenging, but they agreed after many outdoor trips. Thus, the birth of Outdoor Master is to fulfill its mission to "provide quality and affordable outdoor products for all levels of outdoor sports lovers."

The California-based company has served over 2 million customers in more than 100 countries.

Best Outdoor Master Ski Products to Buy

Read on to learn more about electric skateboards and the extensive range of complementary ski equipment available at Outdoor Master.

Outdoor Master X1 Pro Electric Skateboard


The range of your electric vehicle is a highly relevant factor. You want to avoid being on the shoelace express home from the middle of nowhere. With a range of 16 miles per charge and a top speed of 29 miles per hour, the X1 Pro Electric Skateboard can easily conquer inclines of 30%.

The ergonomic dial makes it easy to adjust the speed, and the app offers three different modes from which to choose. Priced at only $749 and weighing only 15 pounds, this board will keep you moving quickly and for longer than ever before.

Outdoor Master PRO Ski Goggles


Going skiing without protective eyewear is dangerous. You might be able to, but you'd quickly regret doing so. Outdoor Master's Ski Goggles Pro Classic is a fan favorite thanks to its innovative design, sleek aesthetic, and cozy fit. These goggles have anti-fog, polarized, UV 400+ protection lenses that guarantee distortion-free vision on the upcoming slopes.

The magnetic lens system makes changing lenses a breeze. You can get the look you want with just one pair of Outdoor Master goggles and various interchangeable lenses, as there are more than 20 options. These stylish and functional goggles are now only $44 (regularly $60).

The Pro Classic Ski Goggles come with a carrying pouch, a protective case, and a guarantee that lasts an entire year.

Outdoor Master Cotton Ski Socks


A sock that slides down the leg is the worst. When skiing, the sensation of it creeping down your calf and wrapping itself around your ankle can be excruciating.

The Outdoor Master Ski Socks are a great solution to this issue. Since they're crafted from 100 percent cotton, they also provide many other advantages, such as superior breathability, comfort, and warmth.

These socks are not only long-lasting, but they also prevent moisture buildup on the feet. And what else would you expect from a pair of athletic socks? The Ski Socks are available in seven eye-popping hues at $29 for a pair (regularly $39!).

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