Crazy Domains Review: All You Need To Know Before Signing Up

Crazy Domains Review: All You Need To Know Before Signing Up

Crazy Domains is a company that registers domain names and offers several different services. The audiences in Australia, India, Europe, and the Middle East love it.

Crazy Domains Review

What Services Do Crazy Domains Provide?

The following is a list of the services that Crazy Domains has to offer:

1. Domain Registration

They assist in selecting a suitable domain for your website and setting up a unique email address for you. Additionally, with a hosting plan for an entire year, customers are given free domain registration for a whole year. Different domain names are available, such as .com, .in, .co, .net, .online, .store, .tech, etc. There are various renewal and transfer options and prices for each plan.

2. Domain Renewal

If you've already registered your domain with them, renewing it is a breeze. Renewing your domain name is easy, and you can do it by following the instructions in the renewal reminder email, accessing your account dashboard, or typing in your domain name. Domain security is also provided in the form of an auto-renew feature, available at the time of registration.

3. Domain Transfer

When it comes to domain transfers, no one does it better than Crazy Domains.  Along with the company's good name and reliability, they offer fast domain transfers, friendly customer service 24/7, and easy-to-use management tools.

4. Domain Backorder

If the domain name you want has already been registered, the Company will help you backorder it. The domain name is tracked until it expires or is deleted, at which point it becomes available for registration. They will hold and register the domain for you once it becomes available.

5. Domain Tools

One of my favorites is this one right here. You can fully manage your domain name, websites, and services with the domain manager.

You can use it to do a wide variety of things that would otherwise be difficult, such as manage multiple domains, renew and transfer domains, change domain owners, lock your domain, set up web and email forwarding, connect with any hosting services, organize domain folders, manage DNS, apply bulk updates, manage your profile and notifications, and more.

What Kinds Of Web Hosting Do Crazy Domains Offer?

Shared Hosting

•    Instances hosted on a shared server.
•    There are three different subscription levels to choose from: basic, premium, and unlimited.
•    The speed, storage space, and scalability of the more expensive plans are better.
•    There's support for both Linux and Windows.
•    Features a 60-day money-back guarantee.
•    You can pick between five different server locations.

WordPress Hosting

•    There are three tiers to choose from: basic, premium, and ultimate.
•    Expensive plans have more space and sites for more visitors.
•    Includes one-touch installation.
•    Updates, backups, and efficiency enhancements are all handled by professionals.

VPS Hosting

•    There are three tiers to choose from: standard, professional, and enterprise.
•    Select from Windows, Linux, or make your own choice.
•    The more you pay, the more space and processing power you get.
•    The transferring of data is unlimited for all plans.
•    Managed hosting comes at an additional cost.
•    Includes a satisfaction guarantee and a return policy if unsatisfied.

Reseller Hosting

•    There are three ways to sell: a storefront, an API, or an affiliate.
•    Plans have an extra fee for setting them up.
•    Includes a team to help resellers at all times.
•    Choose from more than 400 types of domains to sell.

Advantages of Using Crazy Domains

•    Excellent customer service provided by friendly and accommodating employees.
•    Plans and services at reasonable prices.
•    The functions are uncomplicated, easy to understand, lightning-fast, and highly effective.
•    The on-page support chat is quick, friendly, and extremely helpful.
•    Quickest and most effective responses.

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