Cocofloss Review: A Bright Smile Is All You Need

Cocofloss Review: A Bright Smile Is All You Need

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Most of us don't floss nearly as often as we should. When it comes down to it, we all know that our dentist has advised us to make it a part of our routine, but for some reason, we always forget about it when the time comes actually to do it.

Cocofloss seeks to change the negative feelings commonly associated with flossing to make dental hygiene more laid-back, simple, and fun.

While perusing this Cocofloss review, please give us your best smile while looking through the featured bestsellers! With products that feature fantastic flavors and ergonomic designs, the brand will indeed have something that will appeal to every customer.

Let's move on to one of the essential parts of this review now, which is the product!

Cocofloss Cocobrush


It's a challenge for all of us to get to those inaccessible crevices with a toothbrush. These problems won't stand in the way of using the Cocobrush. The ergonomically shaped handle, made from recycled plastic bottles, allows you to reach every nook and corner.

Gums are massaged with each brush stroke thanks to the extra soft bristles, rather than scratched, as is the case with some toothbrushes with stiffer bristles. These tiny bristles do more than clean your teeth; they also prevent gum disease, bleeding, and other dental problems.

These brushes are available in four hues, costing you $10 each. 

Cocofloss Pure Strawberry Dental Floss


Cocofloss Pure Strawberry Dental Floss is a very berry treat that will put a smile on your face.
This floss is crafted with a mouthwatering strawberry scent and contains vegan-friendly ingredients like coconut oil and wax. It glides effortlessly through your gums to help prevent gum disease and bleeding.

This might be the perfect answer if you're sick of hearing the same lecture about the importance of flossing from your dentist at every checkup. For just $9, you can say goodbye to harsh and cumbersome regular floss and hello to Cocofloss, a gentle and effective alternative.

Cocofloss The Sampler


Cocofloss knows how difficult it is to settle on a single flavor. The brand has covered you with The Sampler if you want to test the waters before diving headfirst.

Samples of the four most popular flavors of Cocofloss—mint, coconut, strawberry, and orange—are included in this set. This two-month supply offers a wide variety of options to suit various needs. For only $12, you can have yours right now.

Cocofloss Refill 3-Spool Set


For your floss, I recommend first trying out The Sampler to see what you like and then purchasing a Refill 3-Spool Set of your preferred flavor for $24. You can stock up on your preferred flavor for a full three months in one convenient purchase.

All four flavors are available as refills, and a fruity refill selection includes a blend of coconut, strawberry, and orange.

Don't delay placing your order because you're worried about where to get more refills for your dispenser. To help you with the refill process, Cocofloss provides a free video tutorial.

What Is Cocofloss Made Of?

Coconut oil and vegan wax combine in cocofloss to form a satiny, hygienic substance that can be used to polish your teeth. Different essential oils are infused into their floss to create unique fragrances.

Cocofloss: How Long Does It Last?

Each 32-yard roll of Cocofloss can be used for about three months. The four-pack sampler is designed to last two months of regular use, and sampler sizes tend to be smaller.

Is Cocofloss Worth It?

However, we believe that including Cocofloss in your regular dental care routine is worth the higher price. The floss is flavored to appeal to a broad audience and is specially shaped to reach areas that are difficult to reach with regular floss.

Cocofloss warns that the thicker stands may cause discomfort for the first two weeks of use, but regular use should alleviate pain and help you maintain healthy gums.

Cocofloss Promotions & Discounts 

Cocofloss doesn't advertise its discount codes, but they are available. The most common coupon is for free shipping on orders over $20. But, for Black Friday, they are offering 25% off everything.

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