Casper Mattress Review: Which One Is Best For You?

Casper Mattress Review: Which One Is Best For You?

One of the most significant purchases you will make is a mattress. It's not just pricey; it will also take up a third of your life. Once upon a time, trying out multiple mattresses for no more than 15 minutes each was the only way to find the one that was right for you. Mattresses can now be tried out at no risk in the convenience of your own home, thanks to online retailers such as Casper.

Casper Overview

Casper, an all-foam bed that could be shipped to your door, made its debut in 2014. It was an overnight sensation that helped shake up the mattress business. Currently, eight Casper mattresses are available: seven sold directly by Casper and one (the all-foam Nova) sold exclusively by Zola. We have tried them all except for the Nova, an all-foam mattress.

All of Casper's mattresses are made Using US-certified foams, so they lack ozone depleters, heavy metals, or other potentially harmful materials. Low emissions of volatile organic compounds are another benefit. Even though the company's mattress covers are made from recycled plastic bottles, you wouldn't know it by touching them. The Casper mattress collection includes multiple sizes, including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

Casper offers a 100-night risk-free sleep trial on all of its mattresses. They will come and get the bed if you decide it isn't for you, and you'll get your money back. There's a 10-year warranty on the mattress if you choose to keep it.

Casper mattresses are sold in Target stores and other retail locations nationwide, so you can try one out before you buy it.

White glove delivery is available from Casper for $149. This service will have a trained professional set up your mattress for you. Your old bed and frame will be taken away at no extra cost.

Casper Original


My preference for side sleeping on a hot mattress makes the Nova Hybrid my favorite Casper mattress. Since it has a medium-firm feel and is significantly less expensive than the Casper Wave, the Casper Original will have a wider audience.

The three foam layers in the original Casper provide ventilation, sturdy support, and long-lasting comfort. In contrast to other all-foam mattresses, the Casper Original didn't get hot during my tests.
The mattress's motion-dampening properties were another selling point for me; these are crucial if you or your partner are restless sleepers. But the sides sag so much that if you lie on the edges, you feel like you might roll out of bed.

Casper Element


The Element is the most reasonably priced Queen size Casper mattress at less than $600. Due to its firmer-than-average support, we recommend it to stomach and back sleepers. There is excellent motion isolation and edge support, which is perfect for couples.

The Element features two types of foam: a supportive base layer and a pressure-relieving, breathable top layer. However, my tests showed that the top layer did not provide adequate cooling and was too stiff to relieve much pressure. Yet, if you're not too picky and on a tight budget, an Element is an excellent option.

Casper Nova Hybrid


My personal favorite among Casper's offerings is the Nova Hybrid, which also happens to be our top pick for the best soft mattress and the best mattress for side sleepers. I like that in addition to its cushiony, "sinking-in," supportive feel, it also provides stability.

The CertiPUR-US certified foams and individually wrapped coils work together to dissipate heat very efficiently.

Setting this up needed Less than 10 minutes, but it required some muscle power due to its heavy weight. A "new bed smell" persisted for a few days, so you might want to air it out if you can.
While our tests showed the Casper Nova Hybrid to have poor motion isolation, some couples may find its springiness to be a welcome feature when engaging in more personal pursuits. The sturdy construction makes it comfortable to sit or lie on the bed's edges.

Casper Wave Hybrid


Unfortunately, my least favorite mattress from Casper also happens to be one of their most expensive ones. Support and durability come from the Wave Hybrid's individually wrapped spring coils, and cooling, zoned support, and pressure relief comes from the mattress's five layers of foam.

The temperature regulation was the worst of the Casper mattresses I tried; it was too firm for my preferred side sleeping position, the edge support was terrible, it was heavy, and it wasn't easy to move.

Since one person's "do not recommend" mattress may be another's "perfect choice," I hesitate to give blanket recommendations. In this case, I'd recommend the Wave Hybrid to solo, cold-prone back or stomach sleepers who can afford a luxury mattress.

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