All You Should Know Before Flying With EasyJet

All You Should Know Before Flying With EasyJet

 Have you ever given any thought to the number of different airlines that exist? That is an astounding figure! Even though having more airline options means having more options overall, it does not necessarily imply having better options. It is the worst possible scenario for any traveler to end up flying with a subpar airline when there are other options available that are superior.

If you go through all the airline options and read reviews for each one, it might make you decide not to travel. After all, how in the world are you supposed to determine which of the many options is the best, the worst, the cheapest, or anything else you can think of?

We can provide information on locating reasonably priced flights; however, we cannot guarantee your experiences while in the air.

While we may not be able to advise you on which airline to use for your upcoming trip, we can provide you with information regarding the various airlines. Allow us to read through all of the testimonials and amenities offered by the airline so that you won't have to.

We're going to talk about EasyJet today.

EasyJet: What is it?

British budget airline EasyJet operates out of London's Luton Airport. Because of its relatively recent founding (1995), it is an option among available airlines that you might not have considered before. With over 65 million passengers in 2014, EasyJet was the largest low-cost airline in Europe.

Their single-class layout helps keep fares low. They want to fill the plane with as many people as possible, so there is no preference for boarding near the front or the back (aside from paying more for perks like more legroom or more luggage). Although, there is no first-class option.

There is also no in-flight entertainment or complimentary refreshments provided. You can use their low-fare finder to look into all of your options for low-cost air travel, even if you don't have a specific destination in mind. If you decide to go with one of those fares, ensure you know exactly what you're getting for your money.

EasyJet's Customer Service

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, issues may arise and require assistance from EasyJet's Customer Service department.

You can use a chatbot on their website around the clock, but don't expect it to answer any complicated questions. You can reach them via online chat between 8 AM and 8 PM UK time daily, but keep in mind that it may be inaccessible due to heavy usage.

You can find phone numbers here, but remember that easyJet is primarily a digital company and would rather not deal with you over the phone. On average, you can expect to wait 28 days for a response if you send an email.

Where Does Easyjet Operate?

EasyJet flies to many places, but all of them are in Europe, except for a few in North Africa and the Middle East. You can use their helpful Route Map tool to find where you can fly from any airport and see all the places you can go with EasyJet. 

Luggage fees

EasyJet allows each passenger one small cabin bag for free. This bag can only be 45 x 36 x 20 cm (including handles or wheels) and must fit under your seat.

If you need more space, book an Up Front or Extra Legroom seat or buy an extra cabin bag. These bags must fit in the overhead compartment and measure 56 x 45 x 25 cm. Large cabin bags cost £5.99 per person per flight.

According to reviews, an extra cabin bag at the airport costs £24.99, and some customers saw that price online. Passengers can buy three hold bags each. 15kg hold bags cost £5.99 per flight.

Guidelines for Refunds

If you need to change or cancel a flight, you should know the airline's cancellation policy ahead of time. If you need to cancel your easyJet reservation within 24 hours, you will receive a full refund, less a $10 fee. After that time, cancellation requests will not be refunded.

Is Easyjet A Good Choice?

If you're looking to save money, easyJet is a great option. However, they will use any means necessary to increase the cost of your trip, and their customer service isn't the best, at least based on what others have said. Because of the airline's emphasis on digital services, you may be directed to use their app or website ( to address any issues you may encounter.

You may want to consider spending a little more on your ticket for added peace of mind depending on the nature of your trip and the type of traveler you are.

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