Update Your Living Room With Adams Furniture From Castlery

Update Your Living Room With Adams Furniture From Castlery

I figured it was time to spruce up my digs because we've been holing up at home more often. Or, more precisely, I realized the growing chasm between my actual home and the ideal home I'd been pining over on Pinterest for hours on end one day. Yes, I know it's challenging to make your home look magazine-worthy. I'm still revising mine, and something always needs updating.
Therefore, how does one go about updating their home without going into serious debt? So, let me show you:

First, get rid of all the mess and clutter. Get rid of anything you don't need. My suggestion is to start with one room at a time so that you can stay organized. You'd be surprised at how much better you feel when you get rid of things that don't help you anymore. 

In the next step, evaluate the current furniture you have. Sometimes all it takes to rearrange your furniture to give a room a new feel. While this may be true in some cases, I knew it was time for a new sofa in my own home. My previous coach was a dark grey chunky style, and I was hoping to upgrade to something more light and airy. The Adams Sofa at Castlery was the first piece of furniture I ever bought that I was sure would be just suitable for our home. In my head, there was a white sofa with gold trim. They are a gorgeous dark green, which is another thing that drew me in.


A significant factor in my decision to purchase a sofa from Castlery was the availability of hardware options on most styles. If brushed gold is not your preferred color, you can substitute silver or black.

Overall, I adore Castlery's pricing and customization options. The sofa covers are washable, which is another reason to love this sofa, in addition to its classic style, comfort, and excellent support. Yes, you heard me correctly. This alleviated my apprehension about purchasing a couch in a lighter color. Another fantastic design element is the Adams Sofa, available in multiple combinations. After analyzing my space, I chose a left-sided chaise, and I couldn't be happier with my decision.

Yes, I had to redecorate the entire room after purchasing a brand-new Castlery Adams Sofa.


This leads me to my next set of recommendations. Changing out the pillows, hanging up some new art, or rearranging the coffee table are all great ways to achieve this. When over your head, team up with an interior designer who provides online design services. 


All in all, the Adams sofa I purchased from Castlery has wholly transformed my living room. As a result, it is now the main attraction in my house. Thanks to the high-quality foam used in the cushions, I can attest that my sofa is both extremely comfy and long-lasting. Extra benefit? It was very easy to shop and have things delivered at Castlery. I received my fully assembled and delivered couch in less than two weeks. Ideal for someone with my lack of patience. But seriously, I don't think I can stand waiting over a month for a sofa.

A Castlery Sofa is no longer available for in-store tryouts because the company decided to eliminate the practice as a cost-cutting measure. However, you can return your purchase within 14 days and get fabric samples at no cost. Additionally, the value is exceptional for the cost!

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