A Guide to Get the Best Out of CheapOair

A Guide to Get the Best Out of CheapOair

Book your next trip with CheapOair, an online travel agency (OTA) that allows you to reserve everything from plane tickets to hotel rooms, cars, and even cruises.

CheapOair is partnered with more than 400 airlines, including Air France, Jet Blue, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines. CheapOair can provide customers with low-cost, convenient flights. You can look at and book different vacation options, like flights, hotels, and cruises, at your own pace on the website.

CheapOair guarantees that if you find a lower price for the same itinerary within 24 hours of booking, it will refund the difference.

To judge by its name alone, you might think CheapOair always has the lowest prices, but can you count on actually saving money by booking your next trip through them?

Here, we'll show you how to make the most of CheapOair by searching for airfare, hotel accommodations, car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages.

How does CheapOair work?

When you sign up for a CheapOair account, you'll have access to features like trip planning, invoice viewing, and flight status updates. In addition to the savings on airfare and hotels of up to 20% and 55%, respectively, members also benefit from the ability to earn points for every dollar spent.

In addition to making purchases with the CheapOair credit card or by referring friends and family, members can rack up points inseveralf other ways.CheapOair's online booking systemr gives you access to low-priced flight deals to over 30,000 domestic and international destinations. Accommodation discounts are made available through the company's partnerships with various hotels, motels, and resorts. Through CheapOair, you can save even more money on car rentals from Enterprise, Alamo, and Budget.

With the CheapOair app, you can book flights, hotels, and car rentals, as well as gain access to special discounts, all from the convenience of your iOS or Android device. Customers who use the app to plan and book their trips can double their points for each dollar they spend, get real-time notifications about changes to their plans, and manage their trips from anywhere.

How to Use CheapOair to Find a Low-Cost Flight

Now, how does one go about locating cheap flights on CheapOair? They really couldn't have made it any simpler, and if you go to their website and poke around a bit, you'll get the hang of it in no time. However, here is our guide on how to use CheapOair to your advantage.

#1: Look for flights.

If you already know where you want to go and when you want to go there (remember that flexibility is always to your advantage), you can use CheapOair to find the cheapest available flights between your home airport and wherever you want to go.

Then, select the price range you're looking for, and the number of tickets you need in each section, and click Search Now (I love that they have a youth option, aka 16–25, in case there's a secret deal)!

When you do this, a list of potential flight options will appear. There's a learning curve here, and it can be a little bit scary at first, but here's how to figure it out.

#2: Review the Recommended Alternative Dates and Airports

When your flight results appear on the screen, look for the one (or more) that has a green box around it. The message will read something like, "You can save $XX by changing your travel dates and flying out of this nearby airport."

If you're open to changing your departure or arrival date or airport, CheapOAir will suggest alternative options that may save you money and ensure you never miss a chance to cut costs.

#3: Examine the low-fare calendar.

Examining the low-fare calendar (to the left of the search results) can help you find even better deals if you're willing to travel on dates that are further out from the ones you initially selected. If you are flexible about when you leave and when you arrive, this is a great way to find the cheapest times to travel.

#4: Sign Up for Fare Alerts

If you aren't quite ready to book your flight just yet, click the "Get Fare Alerts" button in the top left corner of the screen. You can sign up for email notifications as I mentioned earlier to be notified the moment cheap ticket prices become available for the dates and location of your trip.

#5: CheapOAir's price match guarantee

If you're ready to leave, get your flight reservations in order. You can book with confidence knowing that CheapOair will match any lower price you find for the same trip somewhere else (within 24 hours of your original booking)!

#6: Make Your Airline Reservations!

You're all set to book your tickets once you've found the best price. May your travels be safe and enjoyable.

CheapOair Offers Even More Ways to Save

Tickets can be searched for, but that's not the only way to find good deals on CheapOair. Here are a few more expert suggestions for locating inexpensive air travel.

Join CheapOair's Rewards Program.

You never know when those points will come in handy, so it's best to sign up for every rewards program possible.

Signing up for CheapOair Rewards grants you 500 bonus points. Then, you'll earn one point for every U.S. dollar spent on airfare, hotel stays, and rental cars. Afterward, you can use those points for hotel stays and air travel. The value of 200 points is $1.

When you sign up for the CheapOair rewards program, you can get deals and alerts about fares that are only available to members.

Browse the offers

One of my favorite things to do when I'm just looking for travel inspiration is to peruse the various travel deals offered by my local airport. CheapOair, like any good flight booking site, has a dedicated area for this.
You'll get the best prices if you're logged into your rewards account.

Explore Discount Codes.

Although CheapOair charges booking fees, these can often be avoided by using one of the many coupons available on the site. Before you buy from CheapOAir, search Google for discount codes to see if there are any available.

Contact them by phone.

Last but not least, you should call CheapOair if you're after the amazing deals they can't promote online. You can get the best deals at any time of day or night because their phone lines are always open.

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