5 Tips To Make Your Bedroom Look Lavish

5 Tips To Make Your Bedroom Look Lavish

It is everyone's dream to have a Pinterest-worthy, lavish bedroom. Many would love to decorate their homes lavishly but simply cannot afford to do so. If this describes you, then keep looking for bedroom decorating ideas that inspire you until you find one that you love.

It's all in the details when it comes to giving your bedroom a stylish look and feel without breaking the bank. If you want your bedroom to look lavish without breaking the bank, consider the following advice.


De-cluttering your bedroom will make it look more expensive than it actually is, and it doesn't require the purchase of any new furniture or the adoption of any particular design style. It doesn't matter how much money you spend on furniture, if the room is cluttered, it will still not have an air of sophistication or elegance. Space is of the essence, so get rid of anything that isn't essential, loved, or enriching.

Focus on your bedroom floor in particular if you want to get rid of the clutter there, as it is extremely difficult to move. Find out why your bedroom floor is getting messy and try to find ways to prevent it, like laundry baskets or additional storage.

Replace Your Old Bedding

The bedding you choose for your home is one of the most important design choices you can make. Changing your bedding is one of the easiest ways to make your bedroom look and feel more expensive or luxurious, but few people know this.

If you use cotton sheets, like those found in 5-star hotels and spas, you can make even the most modestly priced bedding set look and feel like a million bucks. To complement the rest of your bedroom, select fabrics that are both neutral and adaptable, and then accessorize with things like throw pillows and soft blankets.

Make Your Room Feel Bigger With Mirrors

Using mirrors to create the illusion of more space is one way that even someone with a studio apartment can make their bedroom look more spacious and luxurious. Mounting a pair of floor-to-ceiling mirrors on either side of the bed creates the illusion of more space and adds a touch of luxury to the bedroom.

If you'd like to add a sense of luxury to your bedroom but can't quite afford to buy brand new mirrors, you should check out the antique and vintage stores in your area.

Acquire A Bold Statement Item

Whether it's a large piece of artwork above the bed, a plush area rug under the table, or a unique decorative object for the bookcase, a bedroom needs at least one focal point to make a strong impression. In addition to being a reflection of your own unique sense of style and taste, your statement piece of choice should also be sizable enough to grab attention the moment you walk into a room.

Keep in mind that you can make the artwork yourself or shop at your favorite independent boutiques to find unique, eye-catching pieces that won't break the bank.

Inspiration From Luxury Spa 

Instead of struggling to come up with ideas for a luxurious bedroom, why not take a cue from high-end spas? Start with some basics like white, clean sheets, simple furniture, and soft lighting. In particular, consider the aromas that fill the air at a five-star spa or hotel. Since smell is one of our most powerful senses, focusing on making your bedroom smell nice is an easy way to make it feel more luxurious and peaceful.

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