5 Great Places To Take Pictures In Los Angeles

5 Great Places To Take Pictures In Los Angeles

Travel is no longer about where you go, but rather the memories and experiences you make along the way. When we think of traveling, we envision breathtaking vistas, mouthwatering cuisine, and exhilarating activities. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, we consider taking pictures of them!

The following are some of the best spots in Los Angeles to take pictures, whether you're there on business or for pleasure.

These locations are not only beautiful, but they'd make fantastic settings for a future photo shoot. There's something for everyone, from a colorful wall to a beautiful view on a path.

Mount Wilson 

Head to the 1,700-foot summit of Mount Wilson, about an hour's drive east of downtown LA. Mount Wilson Observatory is located there. Every weekend, the observatory is open to the public, so go for a hike up the mountain and snap some photos.

Pack a picnic and ride out to Point Dume State Beach in Malibu to see El Matador State Beach and Beachwood Canyon. Some of these locations in California, which you probably had no idea were photogenic, still amaze us to this day.

City of Venice

Taking photos here is a breeze because of the variety of textures available, including the famous beach, palm trees, and the iconic Pier. It's also possible to take a picture of a lot of people.

Statue Of Paddington Bear In Hyde Park

If you're looking for a beautiful place to take photos, this statue is a great place to start. Many other things to photograph abound in the park, such as trees, flowers, and people. The vastness of the park allows you to capture many different perspectives and angles for your photos.

The Royal Couple of Pearls

This statue, which depicts a man and woman dressed as pearly king and queen, is strange, but it's awesome because you can take amazing pictures in front of it. Also, because there are so many old-fashioned lamp posts all around, this is a great location for those cool long exposures.

The Hotel-Indigo

The Rooftop at The Hotel Indigo in downtown Los Angeles, which has neon lights, is a great place to pose with your friends while holding up a drink. If you want to see the city skyline from a different perspective, this is a great spot to go. 

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