4 Worst Habits That Can Make Your Acne Even Worse

4 Worst Habits That Can Make Your Acne Even Worse

You can't just wash away acne with soap and water and expect it to disappear. Acne scars and marks usually disappear after a few days have passed. Acne isn't the only skin problem, though; it's linked to things like dead skin cells, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and more.

The best products for acne-prone skin won't help if you aren't using them correctly, so maybe you're doing something wrong if you have acne despite your best efforts. Everyday life often involves practices that aren't necessarily good for your skin, especially if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

In this article, we'll go over some of the worst routines for acne sufferers to break.

Altering Treatments Frequently

Irritated skin can be the result of a habit of constantly switching between different treatments. Any time you switch up your skincare routine, you risk further deterioration of your already fragile skin. To clear up your skin, you need to use the best products for acne-prone skin and be patient as you wait for the results to show (ideally, 6-8 weeks). Everyone would like to see improvements right away, but in the case of acne, patience is rewarded.

Using Makeup That Triggers Acne

In some cases, acne can be caused by cosmetics that are meant to improve the skin. If oil is included in the formulation of these items, then using them will likely result in a spread of acne. 

Makeup Worn To Bed

Acne can still occur even if you sleep in "won't clog pores" makeup. If you want to keep your skin healthy, you should avoid doing this and instead make it a habit to wash your face with a cleanser that is formulated for your skin type and contains moisturizing ingredients.

By doing so, you can avoid having your skin prematurely aged by the microscopic particles of dirt and dust. In addition, it is recommended that you wash your face twice daily in order to maintain healthy skin.

Snipping The Breaks

Squeezing pimples or acne leads to red, irritated skin that gets darker as time goes on. Because of this, your skin's natural color and texture may be permanently altered, necessitating intensive dermatological care. The skin's original complexion is not restored overnight, especially if hyperpigmentation, inflammation, acne scars, or blemishes are present. Don't give in to the temptation to pop or squeeze your acne if you can help it. When it comes to getting rid of acne scars, a plasma pen can be a useful tool, and a good skincare routine can do wonders for clearing up your skin.

Make sure all the oil is washed out of the pores whenever you use a skincare product. Taking care of your skin properly should be a top priority. Indeed, many of us wish for skin that is beautiful, radiant and appears healthy. If you want clear, glowing skin, make good hygiene a regular part of your routine.

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